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Subject: How do sounds travel to your radio?

Date: Mon Oct 12 20:33:09 1998
Posted by Melissa
Grade level: undergrad
School: Valencia Community College
City: Orlando State/Province: FL
Country: U.S.A.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 908242389.Ph

        I am researching for my sound production class. I am in my 
second year a college and am interested in pursuing a career in film. 
My project is based on radio! I am trying to find information on ho 
radio signals reach our ears? What does electromagnatism have to do 
with this? I have found an abundance of information on radio and 
electromagnatism but unfortunatley i have yet to find the information 
i need! I really hope maybe you could point me in the right 
direction. Thank you for your time. by the way great site!!!

Re: How do sounds travel to your radio?

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