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Subject: What is the biological significance of water?

Date: Thu Oct 22 13:17:03 1998
Posted by Margaux Lister
Grade level: other
School: Ashville College
City: Harrogate State/Province: North Yorkshire
Country: UK
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 909080223.Gb

I have been told to write a project on the biological significance of 
water.  My teacher has told the class to use any means of gathering 
information to aid us in this (including the internet).  I would like 
to know the biological signif. of water.  I have deduced that there is 
not one right answer, but many.  I have info. on the chemistry of 
water and the water cycle but niether are relly biologigal signif.'s.
I would like you to help me by giving me some ideas of what areas 
possible significances are.  Other than metabolic water, water in 
digestion and excretion.  

If this could be possible, even to just get me started, I would be 
very grateful.

Yours Faithfully
Margaux Lister

Re: What is the biological significance of water?

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