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Re: If you temperature

Date: Wed Oct 28 07:27:41 1998
Posted By: Timothy Mascal, , Chemistry/HPLC, Waters Corp.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 907098201.Ch

If we assume that there are no outside forces acting upon the glass of water then it would remain water. Let me explain a little more.... We would first have to consider the temperature of the water initially. If the water was above 32 degrees then it definately would remain water assuming that no energy is absorbed from the outside enviornment. If the water was exactly at the freezing point and it was all water, no ice at all, then it would also remain as the liquid form of water. If there was a little ice in the glass then an equilibrium would be set up where some ice would form as some melted. Basically, this is a question about thermodynamic equilibrium. With no energy either entering or leaving the room, the glass of water would remain in the state it was in when it was placed in the room. In order for the glass of water to freeze, there would have to be some energy removed from the water. This is most easily done by lowering the temperature, but since there is no outside interaction, there will be no ice, only water.

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