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Re: What are the pros and cons of choosing the sex of your baby before concepti

Date: Wed Nov 11 17:45:16 1998
Posted By: Wendy Ingman, Grad student, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, University of Adelaide
Area of science: Development
ID: 907038219.Dv

Dear Mythili,

The ability to choose the sex of your baby before conception is currently 
achieved only through couples using in vitro fertilisation to get pregnant. 
In Australia, sex determination is only considered when there is a genetic 
defect carried on the X chromosome which will cause severe disease in the 
baby if it is a male. The advantage here is that only embryos who will not 
suffer from the diease are implanted (the females) but the drawback is that 
not all the males will actually be carrying the defective chromosome but 
none will be given the chance to be implanted and grow into a fetus.

I have answered this question from a medical perspective because this is a 
scientific website. Obviously there are also ethical reasons against sex 

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