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Subject: How could one make a fuel cell out of chlorophyll?

Date: Sun Nov 8 18:17:50 1998
Posted by M. Loesch
Grade level: undergrad
School: TCJC
City: Fort Worth State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 910570670.Bt

Do you know of anyone doing cutting-edge environmentally friendly fuel 
cells?  Also, this may sound bizarre, but if chlorophyll reflects the 
color green, is there a "vibration" or Hertz associated with it and if 
so, could that be mechanically reproduced?  Could you essentially then 
make artificial chlorophyll if the necessary organic molecules were 
present within a "vibrating" cytoplasm medium and sunlight being 
present?  What do thermal vent plants use to make energy in place of 

THanks for your assistance.  

Re: How could one make a fuel cell out of chlorophyll?

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