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Subject: Does our solar system contradict the ''Big Bang Theory''?

Date: Sun Nov 22 19:04:22 1998
Posted by Ryan Foran
Grade level: 10-12
School: Home schooled
City: Barueri State/Province: Sao Paolo
Country: Brazil
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 911783062.As

  There is a Law in science called the law of the''conservation of 
angular momentum''. I believe you are aware of it, but in short it 
literally states that if an object is spinning and fragments detatch 
themselves from that spinning object, the loose particals will 
continue to spin in the same direction until they encouter resitence.
Now the''Big Bang'' theory states that at one point all the matter in 
the Universe was squeezed into one tiny dot that was spinning(let's 
say clockwise). Then it blew up and all the particals went flying out 
into space to later become the Galaxies and so forth. According to the 
law of conservation of angular momentum all heavenly bodies should be 
spining in the same direction,...but there not. Even now the planets 
Venus and Uranus spin in opposite direction to the rest of our solar 
system. Many of Jupiters moons orbit the planet moving in  directly 
opposite direction to the other moons. If I know my science right, 
this''blows away'' the''Big Bang''theory. I as a science lover have 
been searching for an explanation to settle this for a long time? If 
you find one be sure to get the answer out as soon as possible. I know 
quit a few other people who would like to find out this very thing.

Re: Does our solar system contradict the ''Big Bang Theory''?

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