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Re: Do male and female cheetahs look different?

Date: Fri Dec 4 16:13:13 1998
Posted By: Andrea Bixler, staff (postdoctoral associate), biology, UM-St. Louis
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 912461217.Zo

No, male and female cheetahs do not have different appearances. Males may be slightly larger in body size, but they have the same basic build and spotted fur (although there are individual differences in spot patterns). Both male and female adult cheetahs are about 85-145 pounds and 45-55 inches long, plus a 25-35 inch tail.

Male and female cheetahs behave differently, however. Males are more likely to be social. They tend to stick together in small groups with their brothers throughout their lives. All the males in the group help defend a territory. Females, on the other hand, are solitary except when they have young cubs.

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