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Subject: Hypnotism

Date: Mon Nov 2 12:44:51 1998
Posted by Rohenne Lee
Grade level: 7-9
School: Taipei American School
City: No city entered. State/Province: No state entered.
Country: Taipei
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 910032291.Ns

Dear Hypnotism experts, I am currently a 7th grade student  in the 
Taipei American School and is required to submit a science report on 
how  hypnotism works and what people feel when they are hypnotized. I 
have an idea of  how it works but I am interested to acquire a broad 
knowledge relating to this  matter and would like to solicit your kind 
assistance by asking questions to  help me formulate and submit a 
detailed science report on the  subject.Questions:1. Being an expert 
how would you determine that  the subject being hypnotized by you is 
not pretending that he or she is under  the spell of hypnotism?2. As 
an example: you instruct or order the  hypnotized person to eat but 
you do not tell him when to stop eating, would it  be possible for him 
to stop eating when he feels that he had already eaten  sufficient 
amount of food without your telling him to stop eating? Kindly  
explain your theory on this. As I believe that the hypnotized person 
is still  under your hypnotic power?3. Would it be possible that the 
hypnotized person  would remain under a state of hypnosis for a longer 
period of time? If so, would  you still be able to control him, being 
an expert I know that you would be able  to snap him out of the 
Hypnosis State. As a consequence would he be able to  return to a 
normal life? Please clarify and explain.  I would certainly appreciate 
if you can help me  with all the questions I had brought out for you 
to answer. Any clarification on  this specific matter would not only 
help me in my science report but it would  also serve as guide for us 
students in the future in understanding the  intricacies of the human 
mind.Thank you very much for your kind  and unselfish assistance on 
the subject matter.     

Re: Hypnotism

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