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Subject: Virtual Photons and Electricity (electron-electron interaction)

Date: Wed Nov 25 16:14:59 1998
Posted by Larry C
Grade level: nonaligned
School: SDSM&T
City: Troy State/Province: MI
Country: US
Area of science: Physics
ID: 912032099.Ph

From particle physics the interaction of two particles can be 
described as the exchange of a virtual particle.  For each of the 
fundamental forces: Gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak 
nuclear force there is a force carrying particle.  For 
interactions involving the nuclear forces the virtual particles 
whatever they are (I don't know their names) are as implied 
"virtual" and lack any physical identity outside the 
interaction.  However, if enough energy is involved in the 
interaction the virtual particle can be transformed into a 
real particle (very short lifetime for some).  For electrons the 
exchange particle is a virtual photon.  I was wondering if there 
was some way to calculate the approximate "wavelength" of this 
virtual exchange particle which would be present in the 
interaction between electrons as they transfer energy in an 
ordinary A/C powerline.  Could this also be related to the radio 
emmission given off by powerlines and detectable on an AM radio? 
If so, what would be the effect of transmitting the same radio 
frequency back at the powerline but completely out-of-phase 
(complete destructive interference)?  I would assume it would 
tend to neutralize the current.

Re: Virtual Photons and Electricity (electron-electron interaction)

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