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Re: Do paper wasps hibernate or migrate in the Winter?

Date: Mon Dec 14 03:21:35 1998
Posted By: Hester Wain, Post-doc/Fellow, Biology, University College London
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 913333001.Gb

Hello Mike,

As far as I am aware, and the information I can find confirms this, the young queen paper wasps hibernate over the winter, usually in the nest. They will then emerge the following spring and one will continue the colony in same nest. The others will tend to start new colonies in areas close by or where there have been previous nests. Therefore, your wasps are not the same but are descendants
of the first wasp which came to your house. Even when you knocked down the nest, in the following spring another young queen will have flown to outside your window as this area obviously has the right environmental condidtions. Also, this area may well be identifiable by the wasp as the nest material is
made up of a mixture of masticated wood and salivary secretions from previous wasps.

I've also included a list of URLs below which have this information and more!

Festive greetings,
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