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Re: Is the fundamental characteristic of waves the wave length or frequency

Date: Mon Dec 14 11:30:40 1998
Posted By: Frank Berauer, Technology Transfer Engineer Microelectronics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 912823788.Ph

Hi there,

Your question hits deep into the strange world of relativity and quantum
mechanics. I will try to answer as simple as possible:
1. In a general sense, neither wavelength nor frequency are fixed. The
    only invariable is stationary mass, which is connected to frequency
    and wavelength through the following equation:
	  2   4        2     2     2     2
	m   c   / 4 pi   = c   / l   - f
    where c is the velocity of light in the medium the wave is travelling
    in, l the wavelength, m the stationary mass and f the frequency.
    However, if the medium with respect to the observer is travelling at
    non-relativistic speed (as in our everyday world), the frequency is
2. Waves AND paricles are only vehicles of understanding and are different
    concepts only in our limited brain. In quantum mechanics they are the
    same: particles ARE waves and waves ARE particles.

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