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Re: What is the ponctuated equilibrium (SJ Gould & N Eldredge )?(be precise)

Date: Wed Dec 30 12:04:40 1998
Posted By: Bruce Lobitz, M.D., Emergency Physician
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 910187368.Ev

The theory of punctuated equilibrium (PE) was put together to help explain 
the process of speciation and the absence of transitional forms in the 
fossil record.

The main revolutionary point about the theory was that it explains why 
evolution appears to proceed by jumps and starts, that is mostly by long 
periods of stasis, with very little change, punctuated by short periods of 
drastic change (the formation of new species).

You can find all the details of PE in almost any of the writings of Dr. 
Gould; he has published many books, some of which should be available in 
French translations.

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