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Re: What is the Metalloid Line and where is it located on the Periodic Table?

Date: Mon Jan 4 11:30:33 1999
Posted By: Ryan Thompson, , Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Unisys Corporation
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 912989155.Ch

The metalloid line separates the metals and non-metals on the Periodic Table. Metals are on the left, non-metals on the right. The metalloids exist between these, and exhibit properties that are intermediary between those of metals and non-metals. In particular, boron (5), silicon (14), germanium (32), aresenic (33), antimony (51), and tellurium (52) are the metalloids.

To draw in the metalloid line on a Periodic Table, start with boron (atomic number 5). Draw a line along the borders of the squares, starting in the upper left corner of boron. Go down along the left edge of boron, then to the right between boron and aluminum (#13). Now down between aluminum and silicon (#14). Continue this zig-zag line until you end up between polonium (#84) and astatine (#85).

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