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Subject: Do hummingbirds really always prefer red? Is that inborn?

Date: Sat Nov 7 15:53:57 1998
Posted by Alice Warburton
Grade level: 4-6
School: Episcopal Day School
City: Brownsville State/Province: Texas
Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 910475637.Zo

I am doing a project testing what color they really like using 
different colored feeders.  I can't find any science book that says 
for sure if hummingbirds are born liking red, learn to like red, or 
don't even care about colors, and just go to the first color they see. 
I need to know to make a good hypothesis. I found something from 
Jan. 28, 1998 in your archive, but it just says hummingbirds seem to 
like red.  Do you have any more information?  We mostly have 
buff-bellied hummingbirds in Brownsville in my yard. Please anwer soon 
at aol address.    Thanks alot!  Alice

Re: Do hummingbirds really always prefer red? Is that inborn?

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