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Subject: Bread mold experiment acceleration

Date: Mon Jan 4 10:41:39 1999
Posted by Janice Eidson
Grade level: 7-9
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Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 915468099.Mi

My 8th grade daughter is working on her science fair project.  
Her experiment is to see if the growth of bread mold is 
accelerated by adding a base or an acid.  She is using 3 pieces 
of bread, one straight from the package, one with liquid soap 
dripped on top and one with orange juice dripped on top.  
Unfortunately this bread seems to be loaded with preservatives, 
because after 4 weeks we are just beginning to see mold on
the bread with the soap.  (Under the microscope we can see what 
we think is mold on all pieces, but more prominently on the base 
Part of her project is to verify the results, but we are having 
difficulty finding info on how a base or acid would affect the 
growth of mold.  Should the base mold more quickly?  Could you 
suggest a resource?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Bread mold experiment acceleration

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