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Re: Can a person get sick from germs found on money?

Date: Thu Jan 7 19:08:17 1999
Posted By: Mike Crawford, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 914961398.Me


One could potentially get sick from anything that somebody else has handled--as bacteria are on everything.  Fortunately,
most bacteria usually tend to die quickly if there is not a food or water supply, so dollar bills aren't the best place for them
long term.  Some viruses (the common cold is a great example) can last longer before dying.  Overall, you'll be much more
likely to get sick from shaking a hand, hugging, kissing, etc, since humans are a much better nutritional supply for germs.
As far as the drugs on the bills, I would guess that that the levels left over after somebody's finished are not
significant enough to harm you.  If you actually see a strange substance on a bill, then I would recommend avoiding it.

Michael Crawford   

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