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Subject: Massively parallel laser beams and high bandwidth data transfer

Date: Thu Jan 7 12:46:13 1999
Posted by Gregg Saxon
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Hi John:
    As usual, I didn't make myself clear.  I meant in the air.  I 
know that
there are probably problems with diffusion over distance, but I 
was also
guessing that it might be difficult to keep hundreds or thousands 
parallel beams from interfering with each other.  I am under the 
that these beams can be made very small in diameter, so 
conceivably very
many of them could be transmitted in parallel with a very small 
diameter.  So the questions are, how many could fit in how small 
an area
without creating interference and, I suppose, how far will they 
go before
diffusion starts causing them to interfere with each other?  If 
it is
possible to do this fairly efficiently, I just thought that it 
might be a
viable way to do extremely high bandwidth wireless data transfer, 
at least
over short distances.  For all I know, this is being done 
routinely as well.
I have just never heard of it.  Thanks for hearing me out.


Re: Massively parallel laser beams and high bandwidth data transfer

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