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Subject: Why do you feel two flashes of pain when you touch hot water?

Date: Thu Jan 14 10:53:20 1999
Posted by Konrad Grygorczyk
Grade level: undergrad
School: Concordia University
City: DDO State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 916332800.Ns

Sometimes you leave the water running and then when you put your 
hands forgetting that it's really hot. You feel the first shock 
of pain, take your hands out, and then about half a second later 
feel a longer pain. 

I think it's probably one of two things. Either the first pain is 
from the skin and the second is from the more sensitive nerves of 
your bones warming up or the first is from your spine's automatic 
reaction and the second is the actual reaction.

Re: Why do you feel two flashes of pain when you touch hot water?

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