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Subject: How does a new born animal know what it has to do?

Date: Sat Jan 16 19:26:21 1999
Posted by Da-vid
Grade level: 10-12
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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I watched a documentary on animals, and tere was a piece on a 
cuckoo bird. When it is hatched, it immediately throws all the 
other eggs in the nest out, so that it is the one that gets all
the food. Also, cows and horses and the like all know how to 
walk instictively. How is this possible? How can a animal be born
with an idea in it's head. And since this is possible, why can't
we program "knowledge" into newborn babies, so that they already 
know things before they are even born? I hope this makes sense.
Thanks in advance

Re: How does a new born animal know what it has to do?

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