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Subject: flipping a coin.

Date: Sun Jan 17 23:28:21 1999
Posted by Greg Corder
Grade level: teacher/prof
School: THMS
City: Harrisonburg State/Province: VA
Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 916637301.Ph

I am an 8th grade science teacher w/ a question about rotation:

When you flip a quarter (or other coin w/ noncentroidal center of mass), is there a higher probability that one side will appear or is this a misconception?........When flipped, will the coin spin w/ oscilating angular velocity?......will the coin spin around its centroid of center of mass?......any information or expansion on this idea would be greatly appriciated.

I have been given conflicting accounts in my undergrad coursework in physics classes.

Re: flipping a coin.

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