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Re: WHich cheese molds the fastest? SLowest?

Date: Tue Feb 9 15:20:38 1999
Posted By: Charlene Wolf-Hall, Faculty, Food Science, North Dakota State University
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 917968962.Gb

That depends on many factors such as if the cheese has any added 
or natural preservatives, the moisture content of the cheese, and the type 
of mold.  A soft cheese, like cream cheese, would have a higher moisture 
content than a hard cheese, like aged cheddar or Parmesan.  This would give 
the mold more water to grow with.  A cheese containing sorbates as a 
preservative will not mold very well because the sorbates will inhibit the 
mold growth. So, theoretically a soft cheese without any preservatives 
should get moldy faster, and a hard cheese with preservatives would take 
the longest. 

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