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Subject: Some ways in which new combinations of plants could occur

Date: Wed Jan 20 14:47:14 1999
Posted by Katie
Grade level: 10-12
School: E.O.Smith
City: Mansfield State/Province: CT
Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 916865234.Ge

"A gardener's favorite plant had white flowers and long seed 
pods.  To add some variety to her garden, she transplants some 
plants of the same type, but with pink flowers and short seed 
pods from her neighbor's garden.  In a few generations, she grows 
plants with white flowers and short seed pods and plants with 
plants with pink flowers and long seed pods, as well as the 
original combination. What are twoo ways this could've arisen?"  
I already have one way, which is that the original flowers 
(White,long) are homozygous dominant, or that the other flowers 
in the original cross are homozygous dominant, while the flower 
they're being crossed with is homozygous recessive. My teacher 
said the second way may hae to do with the position of genes on 
chromosomes, if they are even on the same chromosome.

Re: Some ways in which new combinations of plants could occur

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