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Re: What does PMPO stand for?

Date: Thu Feb 18 06:57:49 1999
Posted By: Abtin Spantman, , Electrical Engineering, L. S. Research, Inc.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 918585766.Eg

How common did you say this was?
I have never seen it.  I also checked with some of my audiophile colleagues 
and some of the local stores and had no luck.  The answers were the same, 
however, it must be a proprietary marketing expression.  Something like PPP 
from Philips, or SSS from Sony.  
I'll be happy to follow up on this if you can provide me with a 
manufacturer or brand name.  
Once we find out what the PMPO stands for, I can, then, try to explain the 
principles behind it, and what makes it so great besides marketing.  
Perhaps the sales person, at the store where you saw this, can show you the 
owner's manual for the device in question. 

I'll standby for a response from you, and I'll keep asking.

Abtin Spantman

This was forwarded to me (Abtin) by Harry Astle. 
Subject:     PMPO
       Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:18:28 -0500
       From: Harry Astle 
Organization:Chipmunk Inc

I found the following  off URL:

I enjoy the MadSci site; you all keep up the good work!

Easy. PMPO stands for peak music power. RMS stands for root, mean,
square. The difference??? PMPO is the wattage that the speaker can
withstand over a very short period. For example 300Watts PMPO means
that a speaker can withstand 300Watts, this period however may only
be for 0.5 of a second. RMS is the sustain wattage that the speaker
is happy running at all day. If you play music loud alot, better to
go for a higher RMS. People usually quote PMPO because it makes
there speakers look good. Remember that a higher RMS or PMPO doesn't
mean that the speaker will sound louder. For a 30Watt RMS speaker to
sound twice as loud you need 10x the wattage to drive it
(amplfication). Look for other things like sensitivity in dB but
thats another story.

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