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Subject: How does the quality of water effct the baking process?

Date: Thu Feb 25 22:24:45 1999
Posted by Brian C True
Grade level: undergrad School: Kendall College -- School of Culinary arts
City: Evanston State/Province: IL Country: U.S.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 920003085.Ch

I understand waters bsic roles in the baking process, but need 
information specifically related to water quality (i.e. Ph 
levels)and how it may or may not change the baking process.  
Does it effect cooking or proofing times?  Is it necessary to be 
concerned about water quality ruining baked goods?  The class 
the paper is for is focused specifically on bread baking.  Thank 
you for any help that you can provide me.

Re: How does the quality of water effct the baking process?

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