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Re: why is studying math and science important to my future?

Date: Thu Mar 11 14:56:30 1999
Posted By: Henry Boyter, Senior Scientist
Area of science: Other
ID: 919377358.Ot

Science and Math are used in two ways in all careers that you may 
encounter.  The two ways are direct and indirect.

First, indirect.  The study of science and math help you learn the methods 
of reasoning through problems and examining data provided to you to get 
results.  For example, as a mechanic if you have a car that will not run, 
you go through the possibilities step by step.  You may experiment by 
adding plugs, a new fuel pump, etc to see if it fixes the problem.  These 
are the same techniques used in science and math.  All jobs involve 
reasoning and math.  These are the indirect techniques you will learn in 
your courses.

Second, direct.  It will amaze you how many jobs involve the use of math 
and chemistry directly.  All jobs involve math.  You can not escape this 
fact.  If you can think of one, let me know.  I have never found one 
(except maybe bum).  As for science, the number of careers that need 
science is very large.  The fields of art, mechanics, publishing, law, 
medicine, movies, music, etc have need of science and people that 
understand science.

Of the two, the indirect methods are the ones that will help you 
throughout your life no matter what you do.  I don't know your future, but 
try to see if you can figure out how what you are learning in science and 
math will effect what you want to do after you get out of school.  If you 
can not figure it out, ask your teacher or E-mail me.

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