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Subject: Is there a february 30th in the year 2000?

Date: Sun Mar 7 13:37:47 1999
Posted by ben floyd
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Walt Disney World
City: Tampa State/Province: Florida Country: usa
Area of science: Other
ID: 920835467.Ot

I have had so many conflicting answers, all sincere.  It was 
said to happen every 400 years, the last time being in the year 
1600.  There was a web page dedicated to this stating that the 
Hollywood squares asked this question in the mid 70's and the 
answer was yes there would be in the year 2000.  The person who 
own the web page did not know truely and invited answers.
thanks you

Re: Is there a february 30th in the year 2000?

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