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Subject: how is carbon dating done

Date: Sun Mar 14 16:46:51 1999
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Area of science: Evolution
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I am 7 years old (my mom is typing this. She is 40!) In
homeschool, we are learning about radio isotopes
and carbon 14 as ways to date artifacts. After a storm last
summer, we found some bones and teeth washed
up on the shore. We had a lot of teeth but my sister put them in
her Polly Pocket Purse and now  we only
have some! The teeth are attached to some jaw(?) bone and are too
large to be human teeth. They look very
old but sometimes the ocean can just make things look old. The
bone is a bout 6 inches long and belongs to
an animal. I am trying to find someone who would like to tell me
more about their age and where they came
from. Any ideas?

Re: how is carbon dating done

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