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Re: What is the prevalent landuse in Lynnville, Indiana?

Date: Tue Mar 30 15:33:01 1999
Posted By: Charles McClaugherty, Faculty, Environmental Science (Ecology), Mount Union College
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 922728370.Es

I don't live anywhere near, so I will tell you what I did and how I cam to 
my conclusion
I looked at the image you mentioned on the Terraserver site
I got the geographical position of that image.
I then went to the USGS land use and land cover maps that area available 
on-line.  I downloaded the Vincinnes, Indiana 1:250,000 land use map, 
imported it into a raster based GIS (I use Idrisi).  Then I windowed in on 
the same area that you saw on terraserver.
The USGS classifies two large areas to the west of town in their land use 
group 75, strip mines, quarries and gravel pits. Looking at a larger view 
of the map, this land use extends in a wide strip many miles north and sout 
of this site.  I suspect that these are limestone quarries.
The dominant landuse in the general area is deciduous forest, follwed by 
cropland and pasture
I hope this helps

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