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Subject: Why do hurricanes move north, against the trade winds?

Date: Fri Mar 12 21:58:59 1999
Posted by John Kirkpatrick
Grade level: teacher/prof School: U of Maryland/ R. Frost Middle School
City: Bethesda State/Province: MD Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 921297539.Es

I'm a student teacher and was asked this question: I had wondered 
myself. According to my cooperating teacher, this question comes 
up every year. Hurricanes tend to move north and east, with the 
Westerlies, when in that wind sytem. When in the Trade winds, 
hurricanes move west as expected, but move north, against the 
Trades which blow toward the southwest. The earth's spin would 
also tend to push the storm toward the equator, wouldn't it?

Re: Why do hurricanes move north, against the trade winds?

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