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Re: How does the conc of KMnO4 titrated differ using different conc. of H2O2?

Date: Wed Apr 21 18:55:24 1999
Posted By: Gabriel Harris, Grad student, Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 923517793.Ch

Sorry for the lateness of the answer.  Altough I'm not sure what is meant 
by "vol" as in 5 vol, I think that by increasing the concentration of H202 
above a certain level (which you may not yet have reached)you will 
completely inactivate the yeast, which would not give you much 
information.  I'm guessing that you'd need an amount of KMnO4 roughly 
equivalent to the amount of H202 added.  You might want to try a very 
dilute solution of KMnO4 (such as 0.01M) to allow you to do the titration 

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