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Re: Can you grow plants with Agar

Date: Thu May 6 09:47:51 1999
Posted By: Maggie Guo, Grad student, Plant Physiologu and Molecular Biology Program, Dept.of Plant Biology, UIUC
Area of science: Botany
ID: 925353370.Bt

Yes, this can be true, although in real research we usually do not use a 
whole leaf. 

Plants have some fascinating characterestics that different from animal 
cells, one of them is that plants have stronger regenerative capabilities 
than most of higher animals. A whole plant can grow from a single cell, a 
little piece of leaf ( leaf disk ), or even a pollen cell. Ususally plant 
cells are at first phisically wounded, a patch of soft cell called a callus 
will grow from the cell. These callus are moved to culture with nutrition 
and hormone, then will grow into kind of suspension tissues. After plated 
out, new callus will form and followed by regenerating into new plant. The 
whole process should be sterile. Some parts of plant body is easier than 
others to regenerate.  

This technique has been used for about 100 years and has been very helpful 
for plant biologist. From above you can see, cloning of plant is much 
earlier than cloning of Doly, right?

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