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Re: Can life forms anywhere in the Universe, if any evolve without water?

Date: Tue May 11 07:44:13 1999
Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independant Researcher
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 926043235.Ev

Well, there's a toughy, but one of my favourite discussion points.

The answer to your question very much depends on your definition of "life".  
I tend to use a different definition to suit the context of the discussion.

The question uses the term "evolve". This has quite a strict definition and 
does not have to apply to life exclusively. Evolution can be attributed to 
life, concepts, software, and many other things. For life to "start and 
continue", may be a better question.

So, start by defining life. Are we talking about organic life? If not, then  
it is possible to "stretch" the definition to quite outrageous degrees to 
the extent that even silicon dust can be life.

I would start your argument by agreeing on a definition of life.

I don't think I can give a full and complete answer to the question, but 
would be happy to debate it over email.

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