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Subject: Solubility of calcium carbonate

Date: Sat May 8 11:58:17 1999
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Area of science: Chemistry
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Dear sir/madam,

I have been asked at my school to do an experiment in order to 
determine the
solubility of calcium carbonate.

The steps are as follows.

1. dissolve 5g Calcium chloride in 100ml distilled water, and do 
the same for
sodium carbonate.
2. Mix the solutions thoroughly and retain all of the 
3.  Weigh a piece of filter paper and seperate the precipitate 
from the
4. leave the solid to dry overnight.

In my exp.

I got 1.2 g less calcium carbonate than i expected from my 
The amount I expected was  4.554 g, but i got only 3.328 g.  I am 
100% sure
that the expirement was acuurate and I lost no material!

Re: Solubility of calcium carbonate

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