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Re: When the NEAP reaches its astroid how and how long will it take?

Date: Wed May 12 11:02:00 1999
Posted By: Adams Douglas, Staff, R/D, Dicon Inc.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 926219597.Eg

The Near Earth Asteriod Prospector (NEAP) mission is still in the planning 
stages, so some of this information may change. As it stands now, the NEAP 
spacecraft is scheduled to be launched April 3, 2001. It will make several 
orbits around the Moon to change its trajectory without using any fuel, and 
then its engine is scheduled to be fired in January 2002, leading to a 
rendezvous with the asteroid 4660 Nereus in May, 2002. The asteroid science 
phase of the mission is planned for 30 to 90 days.  

You can read details of the known experiments and follow changes in the 
mission plan and schedule at the NEAP home page:

-Adams Douglas

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