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Re: i'd like to know where the graduate biology program at the college of

Date: Mon May 10 23:02:13 1999
Posted By: Eric Biddinger, Grad Student, Horticulture, Penn State University
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 924403592.Gb


Choosing a graduate program is not an easy decision to make.  Rather than 
look at what school has the best "ranking", I would suggest you look for 
the program that best suits your interest.  If you are interested in marine 
biology and go to the highest rated biology school, is it really the best 
place for you if it is nowhere near an ocean?  Next, look for the best 
people.  Other professors know who the best in the field are.  Find out who 
they are and where they are at.  Finally, look at alternitives.  For 
instance, if you are interested in animal health, why not look for an 
animal science or animal pathology department?  Science, espically the life 
sciences, are full of overlapping disciplines and cross-training 

Concerning finding out how hard it is to get into a school's program - ask 
them!!!  Approach this like you are looking at a potential job instead of 
furthering your education.  I suggest you talk to three very important 
groups of people.

	1.  The Graduate Admissions office.  They can tell you all of the in's 
and out's about applying to their school and what they are looking for in a 
good candidate.

	2.  Current Graduate Students.  Who better to talk to in order to get a 
feel for what the department has to offer and what the quality of the 
current research is?

	3.  A potential advisor.  First off, this is the person you might have 
to work with for the next 2-4 years.  These folks can tell you if you are 
right for their department and, often times, if the department is right for 
you.  Additionally, these folks have a lot of pull with the admission 
office.  They might be able to help you get through some of the red tape.

I realize that I did not directly answer your question.  My reason is two-
fold.  First, you need to investigate the school yourself.  Don't rely on 
some guide book or survey to tell you what school is right for you. Second, 
I tried to offer some advice to others who might come across this page in 
their web searches.  

I wish you luck in your journey!

Eric J. Biddinger
Graduate Student
Department of Horticulture
Penn State University

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