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Re: Estimates of neuron counts in normal human brain.

Date: Fri May 14 11:52:41 1999
Posted By: James Clack, Faculty, Biology, Indian Univ - Purdue Univ
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 925615239.Ns

>Do estimates exist of estimated neuron counts in average normal
>human brains?  If so what range is generally accepted by 

There are 10 billion neurons in an average human brain, give or take a few.

>If such estimates exists they may have some relation, however
>remote, to the size computer, in terms of functional memory,
>which would be expected to be able to approach any beginning 
>emulation of human brain function.

Any such estimated relation would be worthless because of the 
analog/digital nature of neurons and their ability to adapt to stimuli or 
input.  Transistors lack the ability to adapt to stimuli.  Another problem 
with such an estimate would be the difference in bandwidth between neurons 
and transistors.  Transistors are much faster switchers than neuron, 
having a bandwidth of around 100 Mbaud.  Neurons are limited to about 300 
action potentials per second.

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