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Re: Need to find lab procedure for selenium analysis in shampoo

Date: Mon May 17 08:31:40 1999
Posted By: Dr. Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 926382974.Ch

Dear Anna,
the method of choice might well be Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, which 
(generally) allows determination of as little as 0.02 ng/mL (reference: 
Applied Spectroscopy volume 37  1983  page 411).  By creating a standard 
calibration curve, you should be able to determine concentration in 
shampoo samples.  You can find the basics of analytical atomic absorption 
calibration curve/unknown concentration determination in any Instrumental 
Analysis text (I can recommend a few).  A little research in such texts at 
a University library may well uncover a procedure.

Feel free to email me at if you have further 

Good Luck

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