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Re: I have a question about electrical energy

Date: Wed May 19 02:40:26 1999
Posted By: Kobus Oosthuizen, Grad student, Electrical Engineering, Atio Tellecommunication
Area of science: Physics
ID: 926182549.Ph

An electro magnet is formed by a current flowing trough a coil.
This induces a magnetic field around the coil.

To illistrate the kinetic energy I am going to compare
an object of mass (m) moving because of a force (F) in a direction (x)
an electric charge (q) moving trough a circuit with Capcitance (C)
and Inductance (L)

Speed   (v) = rate of change in distance (rate that x changes with time)
Current (i) = rate of change in charge (rate that q changes with time)

Mass (M) is an indicater of the amount of potential of an object.
Inductance (L) is an indicater of the amount of potential of a coil

Kinetic energy for an object : E = 1/2 M*v*v
Kinetic energy for magnet (Magnetic Enrtgy) : E = 1/2 L*i*i

To compare :
       Mass                           Inductance
Force    : F = M*a                 
Position : x                       Charge     : q   
time     : t                       time       : t
Speed    : v=rate x change pert    Current    : i=rate q change per t
Mass     : M                       Inductance : L 

Pential energy :
  Mass                       :    M
  gravitational conastant    :    g
  heigt                      :    x
For object        E=Mgx  (a=g)              
For Magnet        E=1/2*(V/Z)*(V/Z)*L
   where V = volts R=Resitance of the coil circuit.

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