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Re: What is the chemical and physical conditions of the glue PVA production?

Date: Tue May 25 03:57:13 1999
Posted By: Werner Sieber, Research Scientist, Pigment Division, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 927530154.Ch

Dear Julius,

Your question refers to poly[vinyl acetate] adhesive. The polymer is made 
by emulsion polymerization from vinyl acetate, at room temperature in a 
water-based emulsion, in the presence of an anionic surfactant (long-chain 
alkyl sulfonate), a protective colloid (e.g. polyvinyl alcohol) and a 
water-soluble radical initiator (potassium persulfate). 
The resulting emulsion can be used directly as an adhesive (glue).

The monomer, vinyl acetate, is made industrially from ethylene and lithium 
acetate in the presence of palladium and copper catalyst, at 80..150 deg. 
For details see:

Handbook of polymer synthesis, Hans R. Kricheldorf, ed., Marcel Dekker 
Inc., New York 1992. Part A.

Lindemann, M.K. in: Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, Vol. 
15, H.F. Mark et al.,eds, Wiley-Interscience, New York 1971, p. 577

Best regards
Werner Sieber

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