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Subject: Which species of microorganisms produce cyanide or propane?

Date: Tue May 18 11:21:53 1999
Posted by Dave
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City: Monticello State/Province: IA Country: USA
Area of science: Microbiology
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I am interested if any fungi/bacteria etc. can produce any form 
of cyanide or propane?  I had been mildly poisoned by HCN and 
notice the effects and sympthoms are similar to old age.  Is it 
possible for a microorganism to be producing CN inside a human? 
Could this be the cause of reduced circulation efficiency?

The propane has obvious energy attractions.  Alchol, ammonia, and 
methane are made by microorganisms, why not propane?  Propane 
is easily storeable, where methane isn't.

Re: Which species of microorganisms produce cyanide or propane?

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