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Subject: What causes LLamas to be born with one blue eye?

Date: Sun May 16 20:00:10 1999
Posted by Cathrine
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Many Llamas are born with one blue and one different color eye.  
There has been a cases where two full sisters bred to the same 
stud (ours) each had crias with one blue eye, but it is the 
opposite eye.  The crias were conceived within a month of each 
other and Ivomec had been administered as a deterent to tick 

In another situation a dam had a cria with one blue eye and 
years later had another cria with one blue eye from a different 
stud.  That stud fathered three ciras with one blue eye that 
year, all with different genetic lines.  This is not our 
breeding but just information I thought might be of interest.

If it is genetic is there a factor from both the dam and sire, 
or either one individually.  If there are different factors that 
can cause the single blue eye, please name them all.

Thank you very much for your help as many breeders in the Llama 
industry are discussing this subject on a chat line and so far 
it is a guessing game as to the cause of one blue eye. 

Re: What causes LLamas to be born with one blue eye?

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