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Re: How can I very quickly swich an electromagnet on and off?

Date: Wed Jun 16 21:59:22 1999
Posted By: Abtin Spantman, , Electrical Engineering, L. S. Research, Inc.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 927744977.Eg

Very easily.

I have included a JPEG image that shows two methods.
The first method uses the wall outlet (which runs at 50-60Hz depending on 
where you are) and simply uses a transformer to reduce the voltage to the 
rated voltage of your coil.
The second method assumes that you wanted a portable operation. It uses a 
standard industry chip,the 555 timer, to produce a time-base for you. The 
values listed along with the potentiometer should give you adjustability 
between 12 to 72Hz.  The circuit I made here went well beyond 72Hz. The 
transistor is used as a driver circuit.  

I don't know how big the coil is, it's voltage and current requirements, or 
how much weight you need to move, or how far. All of these need to be 
considered before an appropriate drive circuit is designed.  The circuit I 
presented should be able to handle a small 5 to 9V relay coil.

All of the parts I presented are VERY standard and should be found 

Please let me know if you need more help with this. 

Abtin Spantman

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