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Re: Do baby Lemmings have a specific name? (ex. cow/calf, wolf/pup)

Date: Mon Jun 21 16:09:15 1999
Posted By: Andrea Bixler, staff (postdoctoral associate), biology, UM-St. Louis
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 928844903.Zo

As far as I know, baby lemmings do not have a specific name.  The young of 
all rodents can be referred to as "pups."  Sometimes you will hear newborn 
rodents called "pinkies," because that's what they look like.  They are 
born without hair, and so their pink skin is visible.  They acquire fur and 
grow fast, though.  They have to--they will be weaned when their mom has 
another litter, which for lemmings is in about three weeks!

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