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Re: What is the method for determination dioxins in food and diary milk?

Date: Fri Jun 25 15:05:18 1999
Posted By: Carl Custer, Staff, Office Public Health & Science, Scientific Research Oversight Staff , USDA FSIS OPHS
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 929678020.Ch

Question: What is the method for determination dioxins in food and diary 
From: Aming Kardono Nugroho Email:
Grade: undergrad
City: Bekasi, State/Prov.: West Java Country: Indonesia
Area: Chemistry Message ID Number: 929678020.Ch
The main topic in South East right now is the contamination of  dioxins in 
food imported from Europe. We have difficulties in  finding the method for 
determination dioxins in food or diary  milk. Would you help me? 

EPA methods 1613 or 8290 may be used.  These methods use high resolution 
gas chromatograpy/mass spectroscopy.  Copies of the methods may be 
obtained from EPA.
If you know the likely source of the dioxins were PCBs, testing for PCBs 
(~$50), instead of for dioxin ($1000+) would be cheaper.  Good luck

Intereestingly, this week, a similar question popped up on Food Safe and 
the answer:

From: Gary Barnes
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 07:19:06 -0500
Subject: Re: Dioxin in foods
Marcantonio Frezza wrote: Dear list,
 I would like to receive general information about official methods to 
determining dioxin in foods.
 Dr. P.Analisi Frezza
Hello Dr. Frezza,
Go here:
Happy Surfing,
Gary Barnes, RS
Lincoln County Health Department

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Carl Custer

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