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Re: Can I dream less?

Date: Mon Jul 5 18:29:02 1999
Posted By: Jeffrey Utz, M.D., Neuroscience, pediatrics, Allegheny University
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 931022744.Ns

If you sleep less, you will dream less. However, this is a bad idea. If 
you do not sleep enough, you will not be as alert and be able to learn as 
much. Not good for students. Dreams during sleep are related to mental 
activity during the day. Dreams seem to be important for helping us 
remember what we learned. The term used for this is consolidation. 
Apparently dreams help us filter out the things that we do not need.

There is no way to control what you dream that I know of. But they are a 
normal part of sleep.

One reason why you might be remembering dreams you have is if you wake 
earlier. You might be remembering dreams that you had that you normally 
would not remember.

The other thing that might cause disturbances in dreams is stress, like 
exams and other things going on in your life. Drugs can also cause this. 
You might want to a doctor talk about this at the student health place.

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