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Subject: A possible approach to the reduction of nuclear waste.

Date: Thu Jul 1 21:50:47 1999
Posted by Avram Davidson
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: None
City: Essex Fells State/Province: NJ Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 930883847.Ph

As you know the repository for storing nuclear fuel rods has run 
into problems, though as long as know other options exist I 
suppose there is no other choice but to through money at the 
problem and hope for the best. I wonder if it might not be better 
to extend the life of the nuclear fuel bundle??? 2% enriched 
uranium has a half life of several thousand years. Nuclear 
weapons grade, about six months without careful maintenance. This 
brings us to an old idea. Recycling spent rods using neutron 
bombardment. In the neutron bomb I believe one of the components 
is Lithium-13. Now as to my query. I would like to know if it 
would be possible to construct a rod to serve as a neutron 
source, which in turn would extend the life of nuclear fuel 
bundles without increasing the grade of the uranium??? Sincerely 
A. Davidson

Re: A possible approach to the reduction of nuclear waste.

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