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Subject: Does the upper atmosphere rotate with the earth?

Date: Wed Jun 23 10:51:44 1999
Posted by Jason
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Area of science: Environment & Ecology
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It's seems fairly obvious to me that the atmosphere close to the 
Earth's surface rotates with the earth, otherwise there would 
always be a very powerful east to west wind resulting from air 
resistance (please correct me if I'm wrong about that)

But does ALL of the atmosphere move at the same rate of speed?  
Is the Upper atmosphere nearly stationary, with the lower 
atmosphere layers twisting inside it, moving at a faster rate of 
speed the closer they are to Earth? 
Or does the Upper atmosphere move at the same rate of speed as 
the lower, so that if it were possible to dye a spot of the 
atmosphere red, the red spot would appear to stay in one spot 
relative to the Earth.

Thank you!

Re: Does the upper atmosphere rotate with the earth?

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