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Subject: Just wondering what is the status of Parapsychology research these days?

Date: Mon Jun 28 14:13:45 1999
Posted by DSR
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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Do any scientists lend any credibility whatsoever to the study of 
Parapsychology any more?  I've heard that there is still some 
research going on in some reputable institutions, like Duke and 
Princeton Universities, and others, that are still doing research 
in this area and even claim to have gotten some very small, but 
nevertheles positive, significant results.  They talk about 
something called micro-PK where supposedly a person can influence 
events at a quantum level of the outcome of a random number 
generator through thought alone.  And by applying meta-analysis 
(I think) to a large number of experiments they've seen some 
significant results.  Much of this information I've seen about 
it has been on the internet, so how much can it be trusted, 
anyway?  Do you know anything about these things?  Could there 
possibly be any validity to it?  It would be pretty interesting 
if it were for real.  What do you think?  


Re: Just wondering what is the status of Parapsychology research these days?

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