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Re: What is the temperature of a normal wood fire?

Date: Fri Jul 9 16:42:35 1999
Posted By: Donald E Duggan, Undergraduate, Astronomy/physics - fire science, just plain ol' home
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 930264606.Ch

depending on what you mean by a normal fire, which today in the fire 
can range from wood to plasics, to hydrocarbons such as gasoline,
temperatures could range from 800 to 900 degrees farenheit for wood, 800 to
1300 degrees farenheit for plastics and ,perhaps the most dangerous and 
hard to determine its behavior is the hydrocarbon group which will burn at
temperatuures of uppward to thirteeh hundred degrees farenheit. I am sorry 
too so long to answer thisd question, it got lost in the shuffle of a mound
of paperword sitting on my dest. thank you for your interest.

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