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Subject: Still confused about yellow fog lights....

Date: Sun Jul 11 07:24:35 1999
Posted by Ian
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Thank you for your response to my question regarding the superior 
fog light - yellow or white. There was a lot of interesting 
information in your response. However, I am still in the dark 
over the following: As light passes through a droplet of water, 
wouldn't it be refracted in a similar way to a prism? In this 
case the most refracted light would be violet, then blue, green, 
yellow, orange, then red. Since in fog, the aim perhaps should be 
to reduce the glare (caused by refraction and reflection). Isn't 
it logical for yellow to be used (red and orange cannot be used 
since they are in stop lights and blinkers). Also, wouldn't 
xylene, being blueish, be poor in fog, causing glare and reducing 
the motorists night vision, as well as not being seen so far 
ahead as yellow?

Re: Still confused about yellow fog lights....

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